Hitman Holla vs K-Shine cancelled from Upcoming Summer Madness 6 Event

Hitman Holla announced on Twitter Wednesday that the URL is canceling his match with K-Shine. The battle, which was still unannounced at the time, was rumored to be going down at Summer Madness 6. Hitman said the URL claims canceled because the owners of Irving Plaza are concerned over the possibility of a physical confrontation between him and NWX member Rain. At Double Impact 2, Hitman and Aye Verb were part of an altercation with members of NWX, although the situation never became violent. However, after the event was over, Hitman and Rain had a heated back and forth over Twitter. No official word has yet to come from the URL staff in response to this. Summer Madness 6 is scheduled for September 10th, 2017.

Analysis: This is an unfair development for fans looking forward to this matchup. Both MCs had been calling each other out on social media, further boosting excitement for the battle. The cancelation hurts the momentum the URL has built over the first half of the year. Although the full card has yet to be released, the event has looked strong so far. Luckily the URL still has a lot of time between now and the day of the event, meaning they can probably shake off the negative press by then. While Hitman won’t be at the event, K-Shine still has a chance to get locked in against another opponent. Fans will have to wait and see how the URL responds.

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