Smack/URL Announces JC vs. Rum Nitty for Summer Madness 6

Smack/URL has announced Thursday their third matchup fro Summer Madness 6: JC vs. Rum Nitty. This announcement comes right after the Brizz Rawsteen vs Calicoe reveal. These MCs are two of the top pens in the culture and a battle between them has been rumored for some time. For both battlers, this is their first appearance on Summer Madness. The full card should be released in the next few days.

Writers Analysis: Smack continues to impress his fans with more crazy matchups. With Calicoe vs Brizz and Hollow da Don vs Tay Roc already announced, Summer Madness 6 is shaping up to be one of the best events of the year. This is a big opportunity for both JC and Rum Nitty. If both weren’t considered top-tier already, they should be now. An appearance on a Summer Madness event helps to push a battle rappers career and can lead to huge exposure. Expect this battle to be in the running for Battle of the Night.

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Ethan Peschansky is a writer and journalist from Southern California. He currently attends California State Fullerton as a Communications Major. Ethan was first introduced to Battle Rap four years ago and has since been an active follower of the culture. The first battle he ever saw was Arsonal vs Shotty Horrah. He covers many leagues including SMACK/URL, King of the Dot, Rare Breed Entertainment, Bullpen Battle League, and many more.

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