KOTD’s Massacre 3 Recap

This article discusses the winners and losers (whose stock rose or dropped), battle of the night, performance of the night, and overall takeaways from the Massacre 3. Unless someone was completely bodied, dissecting the battle results will be saved for the full breakdowns once KOTD  releases the footage.

Winners and Losers:

Loser: Shotti P

Considered a rising talent, Shotti P did not leave Massacre 3 with a good impression. When first announced, fans were excited about his upcoming battle with Shotgun Suge. Their first rounds started on a high note, although they both declined after that.

Shotti P stumbled a few times during the battle and even threw away his third round on an ugly choke. Suge’s performance was not perfect either, which brings into question if the battlers had enough preparation time. But there is a higher standard for Shotti because he was performing in his home league. He also stumbled in his third round against Swave Sevah at Blackout 7.

These aren’t errors that will see Shotti demoted any time soon. He is one of the best up-and-comers that King of the Dot has to offer and is a big part of their plans. However, if he wants to advance up the ladder and eventually contend for the title chain, he will have to clean up his technical issues.

Loser: Daylyt

This may have been the final straw for both battle rap fans and the KOTD staff. For years, Daylyt has squandered his biggest opportunities in favor of performing antics. No one knows what his motives are with his stunts, perhaps not even Daylyt. One thing is for sure, his actions continue to disappoint fans and ruin potential classic matchups.

Many were looking forward to his battle with Mickey Factz. It was expected to be a battle of wits between two top lyricists. Although both are friends behind the scenes, they already said they would give their best effort in the upcoming matchup. Daylyt started strong in the first round, matching Mickey’s lyricism with intricate schemes of his own. However, he cut his second round short by about half and then gave up in the third round.

In the end, it wasn’t even close. One of the better-behaving crowds, Daylyt throwing the match caused fans to start booing. KOTD would consider vaulting this battle, but since it includes an accomplished industry rapper like Mickey Factz, it will probably drop anyway. Daylyt said in a post-battle interview that he was going to retire. Whether or not this is true, some time away from battle rap might do him some good. Regardless, it might be some time before he gets booked again.

Winner and Performance of the Night: Mickey Factz

There are two sides of a body bag: the person inside, and the person zipping it up. Mickey Factz pulled off a flawless victory and displayed his advanced lyrical ability for fans to see. Any doubts about if he could cross over from mainstream hip-hop to battle rap were quickly shut down.

Unfortunately, the battle itself was a blowout. The one-sided nature may drain the replay value, although it should still rack up views once it comes out on YouTube.

Hopefully, this was not enough to satisfy Mickey Factz urge to battle. Off the strength of his one performance, fans are already calling for Mickey to become more involved in the culture. KOTD has no shortage of excellent lyricists to battle. Chilla Jones, Illmaculate, Iron Solomon, and Cortez are a few examples. However, only time will tell if Mickey wants to become serious about battling again.

Winner: Charron

Apart from Daylyt vs. Mickey Factz, this was the most lopsided battle of the night. Charron came out animated and aggressive against Aye Verb. His simple style of relying on four-bar build-ups can break down and outpace more skilled lyricists. Even the increased preparation time did little to help a lackluster Aye Verb.

Aye Verb wasn’t terrible. He didn’t have any major stumbles or chokes, and he still made some memorable moments. However, his lyrical style takes longer to reach the punchline. In this way, he uses up more time with setups and lands fewer punches. On short time limits, this is a death sentence. Charron, however, starts snapping right out of the gate and fires off a dozen bars per minute.

It’s about time people acknowledge Charron as the kryptonite for any battler associated with Smack/URL. He’s battled Shotgun Suge, John John da Don, K-Shine, DNA, Tay Roc and performed well in all of those matchups. He continues to legitimize his title of “Smack Killer” with every win. At this point, the only way to stop him is to beat him. However, there aren’t many names left on the URL’s roster that can hang with him bar-for-bar.

Battle of the Night: Jimz vs. DNA

This is one of the most entertaining and competitive matchups of the night. Both of these MCs came out strong and earned a lot of crowd reaction. One of the first battles at Massacre 3, it set the tone for a solid event.

Jimz stole the show early and impressed fans with his charisma and energy. His “stop being dirty” scheme where he unloaded a backpack full brand name grooming products at DNA’s feet was an excellent example of how he combines wordplay and humor in his bars. Since his battle with Loso at Blackout 7, Jimz has been on the rise lately. As he continues to improve, it won’t be long now before KOTD starts giving him bigger names.

However, this battle wouldn’t have been the intense back-and-forth that it was had DNA not brought his A-game. His creativity and freestyle ability make him a dangerous opponent. Although Jimz performed his scheme well, DNA quickly freestyled and recovered his momentum. While he does get a lot of criticism for battling too much, his consistency is a major reason why leagues keep booking him.

Overall Thoughts:

It was refreshing to see a motivated Charlie Clips again. While Clips won’t be winning any Performance of the Night awards for his showing against The Saurus, he proved to fans that he could come motivated even at this stage in his career. Clips brought wordplay, rebuttals, personal angles, and even some aggression. He controlled the stage and the crowd well throughout this match. With a potential battle with Calicoe now in his sights, if Clips can keep his killing spree going then he has a good chance to get back into the main stage conversation.

On the other hand, The Saurus turned in a very lackluster performance against Charlie Clips. This is unexpected considering how consistent The Saurus has been over the years and that he hadn’t battled since December 2016. The Saurus appeared rusty despite the extended time to stockpile material. Hopefully, this is just an off day for the battle rap veteran. But if he continues to underwhelm in his battles, fans may start wondering how much longer The Saurus has left in his career.

The Chilla Jones and Illmaculate battle should keep fans occupied for days once the footage drops. There was a lot of good material that was slept on throughout the match. Chilla Jones was a bit under the weather, but that didn’t take away from his performance. It wasn’t Michael Jordan in the flu game, but it was still very entertaining.

Many fans were worried if Arsonal would come fully prepared for his battle with Iron Solomon despite his matchup with Loaded Lux just two weeks away. He quickly silenced these doubts. This was Arsonal’s final match on KOTD, and he did not disappoint. In fact, it may have been his best performance in a while. Iron Solomon also came in peak form. This contentious match was a strong contender for Battle of the Night.

Bigg K vs. Pat Stay lived up to the hype. There weren’t many dry spots throughout this battle. Pat came with personal angles and plenty of humor. Bigg K, given his reputation, brought a mountain of bars to bury Pat Stay. The battle soured a little bit towards the end where Bigg K dissed the KOTD brand and its fanbase, although it no one will take it too seriously. More or less, it was a solid battle to close the night. The early reviews coming in have Bigg K winning 2-1 or 3-0.

The biggest highlight of the entire event was a battle that wasn’t even on the card. In a stunning reveal, Dizaster and Hollow da Don took to the stage for a surprise one-round battle. The goal was to promote their upcoming match that is expected to be at World Domination 7. Both MCs had nearly flawless performances and reminded everyone why they are considered the best in the world. This was not only the high point of the event but also the biggest moment of the year.

In the end, the biggest winners were the fans. Massacre 3 was solid, and most battles did not disappoint. Like most events, there are some letdowns. But in this case, the good outweighed the bad. The Dizaster/Hollow reveal made battle rap history, not something easily done at every event.

However, the long-term impact of Massacre 3 may be the quality of its presentation. The PPV stream was well done, bringing the full experience to fans watching online. Dirtbag Dan and Marv Won made an excellent team and helped pass the time for fans at home. Credit goes to the smooth operation of the KOTD staff for minimizing time between matchups. Massacre 3 set a high standard for professionalism and quality presentation not only for future KOTD events but also future battle events across the culture.

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Ethan Peschansky is a writer and journalist from Southern California. He currently attends California State Fullerton as a Communications Major. Ethan was first introduced to Battle Rap four years ago and has since been an active follower of the culture. The first battle he ever saw was Arsonal vs Shotty Horrah. He covers many leagues including SMACK/URL, King of the Dot, Rare Breed Entertainment, Bullpen Battle League, and many more.

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