Born Legacy Supreme Recap

This article discusses the winners and losers (whose stock rose or dropped), Battle of the Night, Performance of the Night, and overall takeaways from Born Legacy Supreme. While battle results are occasionally mentioned, a full analysis will be saved for the Battle Breakdowns once the URL  releases the footage.

Winners and Losers:

Winner: JC

Of all the battlers on the Born Legacy Supreme card, JC had the most to prove. Can he stand toe-to-toe with Loaded Lux? Can he translate to a big stage? Can he beat a more aggressive, punch-heavy opponent? His performance against Chess, at least momentarily, silences many of his critics.

From start to finish, JC displayed his exquisite pen game in one of the best single performances of the night. However, he also impressed with stage presence and crowd control that were up to par with any top-tier battler. With Chess stumbling and choking throughout that battle, the gap in maturity and consistency was evident.

JC is in a prime position right now. He has his first Summer Madness appearance coming up next month against Rum Nitty, another top-tier pen. Their battle has potential to be an instant classic. If that battle does well, and JC continues his streak into next year, it’s going to be very hard to discredit JC as a potential match for Loaded Lux.

Loser: Chess

To put it plainly, Chess got killed. Or more correctly, Chess killed himself. His stumbles and chokes continue to harm his development. Coming from his classic battle with Tay Roc, many fans thought he would improve on his excellent performance. Unfortunately, technical errors continue to play a big part in his losses.

He started his first round on a high note. For the most part, he was keeping up with JC and generating plenty of crowd reaction. However, he choked in his next two rounds, giving the battle away.

This was his worst loss yet. Fans desperately want to see him do well and the URL has big plans for him later down the road. Possessing all the potential in the world, Chess needs to cut down on the mental mistakes if he wants to take the next step in his career. Still only 18, very young for a battle rapper, Chess has time to improve on his consistency. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to take some time off to help get his mind right.

Winner: Young Kannon (Performance of the Night)

Young Kannon is probably one of the most criminally underrated stars in Battle Rap. Well known among hardcore fans, the general public hasn’t caught on to his immense skill. Despite many standout performances, none of his battles have broken 350,000 views on YouTube. Hopefully, this is the match that helps reach that milestone and earn some overdue respect.

One of Born Legacy Supreme’s surprise matchups, many fans were excited to see Young Kannon vs. Jakkboy Maine. However, no one expected it to be so one sided. The consensus among attendees in the building is that YK won with a clear 3-0. The PPV footage tells the same story. Young Kannon was firing off punch after punch and the crowd was loving every minute.

Performing well on Born Legacy leads to bigger matchups. One of the best punchers in Battle Rap, Young Kannon is capable of running through top-tier competition. A battle against one of the URL’s more viewed battlers like Rum Nitty or Shotgun Suge would help raise his profile. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before Smack puts YK on another card.

Loser: Jakkboy Maine

This is a classic case of a young, up-and-coming battle rapper who does well in a few small matchups, starts talking big in the media, then gets knocked back to Earth by a veteran. With Jakkboy saying that he’s ready for a matchup with John John da Don on Summer Madness 6, fans are going to hold him to a higher standard. When he doesn’t meet this standard, viewers are going to be a lot harder on him than he deserves.

To his credit, Jakkboy did put up a strong fight in every round. He would have beaten at least half the battlers at Born Legacy Supreme. Unfortunately, he was matched up with Young Kannon who gave the strongest performance that night. Although fans in the building say YK won 3-0, it’s possible the results will be closer once the footage drops on YouTube.

Regardless, this is a tough loss for Jakkboy. He and his team, The Goonies, had been gaining notoriety recently. Unfortunately, he’s going to need another small room battle or two to get his stock back up. However, Jakkboy won’t be down for very long. The URL  sees the star potential in him and should give him plenty of chances. Whoever’s matched up with him for his comeback battle is in for a long night.

Battle of the Night: Nu Jerzey Twork vs. Ill Will

This battle was the closest and had the biggest moments of any matchup on the card. Fans expecting a contentious back-and-forth were not disappointed. Ill Will was coming off of a solid battle with Brizz Rawsteen and many expected his veteran presence to overcome the talented new-comer. Twork, on the other hand, needed a solid performance as well. Fans were beginning to question if he was ready for the big stage after he choked against Mike P at NOME 7.

Twork started hot, although Ill Will quickly outpaced him with an excellent opening round. The second goes to Nu Jerzey Twork. He was able to turn up the intensity after being put on the back foot. Will was also performing well until he choked at the end of his second round. However, Ill Will gave an average third round, leaving the door open for Twork to steal the win. He finished with one of his best “Strapped In” signature moves of his career.

Twork’s performance was phenomenal throughout the battle. He silenced many of his critics by coming prepared and focused. However, Ill Will later admitted in a post-battle interview that his lack of preparedness contributed to his choke in the second round. Still, both gave a good account of themselves. Fans should be excited to see these MCs next slate of battles.

Parting Thoughts

Fans were under the impression that Jay Blac and the Champion team were going to be in attendance and providing commentary for the event. Unfortunately, the URL decided not to use them for the coverage. Their presence was sorely missed. The time in between battles was long and instead of commentators, fans were stuck watching Summer Madness 6 trailers playing on loop. This is unfair to fans who paid to support the culture. With KOTD stepping up their PPV performance, the URL is going to have to improve their stream or risk getting left behind by their competitors. Hopefully, they make adjustments in time for Summer Madness 6.

Qleen Paper vs. Reed Dollaz didn’t end up happening. Smack walked onto the stage with Qleen and both apologized on behalf of Reed. The cause is still unclear. This was a battle that many old school fans were excited to see. Hopefully, this matchup goes down on another card, possibly before the year is over.

Big T vs. Mike P could have been better. Both MC’s showed flashes in this generational clash, although time limit issues hindered the battle. This seemed to be the only battle that had such problems. Even JC and Chess, who have been known to have long rounds, were never stopped once that night. Big T appeared to be the one reminding Smack about the time limits. It set a sour tone for most of the battle. Mike P was also agitated by this, claiming during the battle he had to cut a lot of material from his rounds. This is another professionalism problem that the URL, and other battle leagues, still have to figure out. Any discrepancies with time limits, such as if both MCs will allow each other to finish their rounds, must be decided before the battle. It looks very awkward when Smack has to cut people off unexpectedly because one side wants to enforce time limits strictly.

Rum Nitty vs. Chef Trez had its moments but didn’t turn out to be the classic that fans were hoping for. Trez came prepared and didn’t have any stumbles or chokes, but the crowd wasn’t picking up on all his material. Also, some of his rebuttals fell flat because he misheard what Rum Nitty said during his round. This shouldn’t worry fans too much. Trez is a talented up and comer. The URL should give him plenty of shots, especially in the small room.

On the other hand, Rum Nitty was at peak form for this battle. He landed multiple haymakers in the building, furthering the assumption that he can perform well on both the big stage and small room. He seems ready for his upcoming match with JC. Now booked for Summer Madness 6 and very likely to appear on the next Smack event in California, he could close out the year on a high note.

While the event didn’t fully meet its high expectations, there were a few positives that came out of it. For the most part, everyone who was in desperate need of a stock boost was able to win their battles. JC and Rum Nitty both performed well, which helps their momentum heading into Summer Madness 6. And Twork’s strong performance answered many questions regarding his level of preparedness. Overall, the event was okay, but the battles aren’t likely to attract the massive number of views that they were aiming to achieve.

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