Bullpen Battle League Announces B Dot vs Loso

Bullpen Battle League uploaded a trailer Sunday revealing the B Dot vs. Loso matchup. This highly requested battle is the first announcement for Bullpen’s Fade 2017 event. League executive John Jon Da Don told Angryfan Radio the matchup was confirmed back in May. Fade 2017 celebrates Bullpen Battle League’s two-year anniversary. The event is on October 21st in Atlanta, Georgia.

Writer’s Analysis: One of the most highly anticipated matchups of the year is finally going down. This is a huge win for Bullpen Battle League and John Jon Da Don who have been able to make a name for themselves as an up-and-coming league. The battle itself will be a cage match between two of the top up-and-coming lyricists in Battle Rap. This is as much a contest of ideologies as it is a battle of bars; Florida native Loso is a staunch Christian while B Dot follows Kemet. B Dot, who announced earlier this year he was stepping away from Battle Rap, will be battling for the first time outside of the West Coast. This match should massively impact the culture and could be a late contender for Battle of the year.

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Ethan Peschansky is a writer and journalist from Southern California. He currently attends California State Fullerton as a Communications Major. Ethan was first introduced to Battle Rap four years ago and has since been an active follower of the culture. The first battle he ever saw was Arsonal vs Shotty Horrah. He covers many leagues including SMACK/URL, King of the Dot, Rare Breed Entertainment, Bullpen Battle League, and many more.

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