Murda Mook Names his Price for Returning to Battle Rap

On Saturday, Battle Rap legend Murda Mook tweeted he would be interested in returning to Battle Rap if he could reach a long-term deal. He named his price at $600,000 for ten battles. “5 top tier n***as 250k then 5 Pgs 350k that’s 10 battles. We can get that done in 6 months if you like or 1 year. It’s on y’all,” said Mook.

Writer’s Analysis: With Mook having said that he would only battle for $100,000, battling at $60,000 seems like a discount. However, even that price is probably more than any league is willing to pay and far exceeds the asking price of any current top-tier battlers. For Mook to ever battle at this price, a sponsor would have to come in and shell out tons of money. Should someone meet his price, Mook should have no shortage of potential challengers.

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Ethan Peschansky is a writer and journalist from Southern California. He currently attends California State Fullerton as a Communications Major. Ethan was first introduced to Battle Rap four years ago and has since been an active follower of the culture. The first battle he ever saw was Arsonal vs Shotty Horrah. He covers many leagues including SMACK/URL, King of the Dot, Rare Breed Entertainment, Bullpen Battle League, and many more.

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