The Goonies Add Two New Members

Nu Jerzey Twork announced Glueazy and Mack Mel as the two newest members of the Goonies. The announcements came within two days of each other, Glueazy’s on Tuesday and Mack Mel’s on Wednesday. Both MC’s are rising stars on Smack/URL. Glueazy has four URL battles already and is coming off a standout performance against Geechi Gotti at the Survivor Series event. Proving Grounds recruit Mack Mel has earned high praise for his showing against Quban and R Streetz. With teaming up becoming more prominent in battle rap, the Goonies are just one of many crews adding new blood to their roster.

Writer’s Analysis: These moves make sense for all parties involved. Glueazy builds momentum from combining this announcement with the release of his battle with Geechi Gotti. Mack Mel gains a boost in popularity from joining a high-profile crew. The Goonies invest in the future by adding two rising stars and shift attention away from the drama that was recently unearthed by Rome DMV and Angryfan. Everybody wins. These additions come amid growing criticism from fans and bloggers for battle rappers joining crews, although a few complaints are unlikely to stop MCs from enjoying the benefits of linking up.

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