The Goonies Add Two New Members

Nu Jerzey Twork announced Glueazy and Mack Mel as the two newest members of the Goonies. The announcements came within two days of each other, Glueazy’s on Tuesday and Mack Mel’s on Wednesday. Both MC’s are rising stars on Smack/URL. Glueazy has four URL battles already and is coming off a standout performance against Geechi […]


Murda Mook Names his Price for Returning to Battle Rap

On Saturday, Battle Rap legend Murda Mook tweeted he would be interested in returning to Battle Rap if he could reach a long-term deal. He named his price at $600,000 for ten battles. “5 top tier n***as 250k then 5 Pgs 350k that’s 10 battles. We can get that done in 6 months if you […]


Bullpen Battle League Announces B Dot vs Loso

Bullpen Battle League uploaded a trailer Sunday revealing the B Dot vs. Loso matchup. This highly requested battle is the first announcement for Bullpen’s Fade 2017 event. League executive John Jon Da Don told Angryfan Radio the matchup was confirmed back in May. Fade 2017 celebrates Bullpen Battle League’s two-year anniversary. The event is on […]


Hitman Holla vs. K-Shine Announced for Summer Madness 6

The Ultimate Rap League released a trailer Thursday announcing Hitman Holla vs. K-Shine for Summer Madness 6. This battle had been canceled because of fears from venue owners that there would be an altercation at the event. No details have been announced yet, but the URL must’ve smoothed any issues over with Hitman. The battle […]


Smack/URL Announces JC vs. Rum Nitty for Summer Madness 6

Smack/URL has announced Thursday their third matchup fro Summer Madness 6: JC vs. Rum Nitty. This announcement comes right after the Brizz Rawsteen vs Calicoe reveal. These MCs are two of the top pens in the culture and a battle between them has been rumored for some time. For both battlers, this is their first appearance on Summer […]


Hitman Holla vs K-Shine cancelled from Upcoming Summer Madness 6 Event

Hitman Holla announced on Twitter Wednesday that the URL is canceling his match with K-Shine. The battle, which was still unannounced at the time, was rumored to be going down at Summer Madness 6. Hitman said the URL claims canceled because the owners of Irving Plaza are concerned over the possibility of a physical confrontation between him and NWX member Rain. […]